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On the banks of the rivers of Babylon, we sat down and wept. On the willows there, we hung up our harps.

-- Psalm 137, The Bible

Angels are still contemplating whether to return to the promised land or not. They are waiting for some sort of a sign that will propel them to do so. But it will never come, as the promised land is right here and right now and it is better we all pull up our socks and start living. 

The scenario is quite similar to a lot of Rock bands in India. They are still basking in those glorious days when everything under the sun rocked and rolled and refuse to face the reality, which is overflowing with mediocrity. Messiahs are too hard to come these days and they are too concerned about martyrdom.

They come all the way here to tell you how great it is to live and they get stoned to death for it. No more of such adventures now. Let the world go to hell. Hell is getting too hot to handle anyways and all lives are roasting in humiliation and frustration. DogmaTone Records has sprung up from nowhere gushing with waters to cool the volcano of death. We are here to help bands pick up their harps and beat mediocrity to death. 


The First Mutiny : Dogmas of Indian Rock


DogmaTone Records' compilation album comprising some of India's best Rock talent is ready and available in all Music World outlets across Karnataka. 


Go ahead and make your inquiries and bookings at stores. Visit http://dogmatone.com/mutiny.htm or Write to info@dogmatone.com for more details.


All it took was a little bit of belief.

To change my perspective.

    And... fear was afraid of me.


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