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'Master Mind - coordination of knowledge and effort in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose - Napolean Hill

DogmaTone is definitely a master mind effort to bring about a transformation in the mind set of people listening to music in India. This culture has absorbed every idea around the world without much resistance and unfortunately, has ended up in a chaotic state where people are led to believe that they are actually able to discriminate between originality and stale imitation in every sphere of life. 

This aspect is highly glaring in the context of the music industry in India which is struggling to find an identity of its own which is actually a conflict of sticking to pre independence music which caters to a select audience and post independence music nurtured by the movie industry, which is subjected to the whims and fancies of a film producer. 

It is highly evident that there is no ECO SYSTEM to support the growth of artists who are ready to create an original composition which is original as well as unique in identity. There are some efforts being made to address these issues, but it is highly unfortunate that Indian artists who want to establish in the sphere of ROCK music genre have never been considered. Based in Bangalore, DogmaTone is India's first and only registered record label that promotes rock music in India and Indian Rock bands.

DogmaTone Records is really a Master Stroke to address this glaring deficiency and help bands focus on their creativity as well sell their Music to a wider audience. 

Our strategy is simple. First educate the bands in India about the nuances in producing an album so that their Music is on par with Bands abroad. Second, provide a streamlined approach to promote and sell their music in the Indian as well as the International market. Last but not the least create a culture that will sustain the Rock music genre for kingdoms to come.

If you are a musician or a band who have recorded their numbers, then DogmaTone is the right place to approach. Once a band or a solo artist is ready with the recording output, DogmaTone takes the music to the masses who know quality music.

After an entire year of hard struggle, we have released a compilation album comprising of fifteen bands from across India. The album has been christened as "The First Mutiny: Dogmas of Indian Rock", aptly named to reflect the apathy and struggle to break that in the Indian Rock Music scenario. They are available in all Music world outlets in Karnataka and online on Music Yogi and will reach all the major cities across India in another few months.

In the near future, DogmaTone aims to streamline all processes related to Indian Rock bands. this includes involving an own Recording Studio, Sound Engineers, Producers and Talent scouts.

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Don't just frame and keep your rock legends' photographs on the wall.

Keep them on par.



The First Mutiny : Dogmas of Indian Rock - a compilation album featuring some of India's best  Rock talent, is out in stores now.

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